Staveneset. Krig

Photo: David Zadig

Site-specific theatre shown at Staveneset in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. 7-9 august and 12th of September 2016

Full performance of Staveneset.Krig, site specific theatre from Staveneset, Norway. Staveneset.Krig is the story of Oddny Saltskår and Anton Hollevik and the Allied telegraph agents they protected during WWII in Norway. The two stories - of the agents and of Oddny and Anton - are performed simultaneously.

Staveneset. Krig is a play based on the captivating story about the young couple Anton Hollevik and Oddny Saltskår who helped Allied telegraph agents to hide in caves during the WWII. Oddny and Anton were taken by Gestapo. The play was located at the place were the telegraph agents were hiding.

Script: Rolf Losnegård
Director: Jeff Pedersen
Choreography: Gareth Taylor
Scenography: Håvard Arnhoff
Sound design: Viljar Losnegård

With Reidun Melvær Berge, Simon Standal Pavelich, Anna Einemo Frøysland, Berit Einemo Frøysland og Jon Werede Hope.

The play was supported by Askvoll Kommune, Sogn og Fjordane Fylkeskommune and Cappelen Damm forlag.